3 Ideas for Woodworkers to Write and Publish Books

3 Ideas for Woodworkers to Write and Publish Books

Getting your name on a large publication or a publisher platform can be thrilling. With your work live, you expect to gain all the benefits that come with being published on a popular media outlet.

It feels like your hard work has finally paid off.

Publishing a book is one way to get your work out there. A large audience for your published work translates to more customers.

Naturally, a large publication has many readers. Making your work visible through publishing lets others know and learn about what you do. You get a dedicated following that eventually gets you, clients if that’s what you seek.

However, it’s important to publish on a publication with a focus on your area of interest, woodworking. Publishing more books is also a great way to gain more viewership and thus clients.

Whichever is your reason for getting published, you stand to gain from a range of benefits. Apart from large viewership, other benefits include:

  • You can connect with other woodworkers and entrepreneurs
  • You get immediate credibility
  • You easily get published on other publications
  • You also gain valuable experience from the process of getting published

According to Biomed Central, you also get increased exposure and visibility for your work or business. If you’re a beginner or experienced woodworker and want to get published but not sure how, read on to get ideas.

Top 3 Book Publishing Ideas for Wood Workers

  1. Review woodworking tools

You can write and publish a book that reviews woodworking tools. You may tailor your book for beginners or experienced woodworking professionals with the need to learn about new tools on the market.

Many people looking for information on woodworking tools will find your book useful. You can focus your book on a single tool or multiple woodworking tools.

In the former case, you’ll want to write about everything a reader would want to learn about the specific tool you decide to review.

For instance, you may want to review the best pressure washers for cleaning. The book would review features and uses of such tools. It may also include various types of pressure washers on the market for your readers to consider.

  • A how-to guide book

You can also write a how-to woodworking book for publishing. You may want to write a book that explains how to use various woodworking tools based on different categories.

How-to guide books are comprehensive, giving information about your chosen tools and explaining how to use it to accomplish various tasks.

You may also write a book on how to become a successful woodworker. Beginners with an interest in the industry would find your book useful in decision-making.

  • A promotional book featuring your services and/or products

Whether you offer repair/troubleshooting services in the woodworking industry, or own a workshop where you build wood items, you can write a promotional book. You’ll find book publishing handy in promoting your business.

You can provide details about your woodworking business in the book. This helps prospective customers to learn more about who you are and your business at large.

Introduce your woodworking services or the items you build. For instance, if you build cabinets, wooden doors, shelving and other storage solutions, you can showcase the same in your book.

You can also include photos of your work in the book to enable customers visualize your craftsmanship. If you decide to write a promotional book, it’s important to ensure that the information is updated regularly to keep it relevant to your business as it grows.


Whether you’ve already decided to publish and just lack ideas or still need to convince yourself, you won’t go wrong with book publishing. However, make sure to think things through and come up with the content you need.

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