Why Every Publishing House Need a Sports Facility

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when you get your cooks on the shelves? Do you know the kind of work that goes on in the publishing houses? 

Publishing house workers spend sleepless nights making sure your cover pages are available on time, your books are delivered as well as the editors have proofread the work and ascertain their authenticity.

They need to have their “me” time to unwind and also to stretch their muscles. Unfortunately, the strict deadlines and work leave them tired and exhausted with little energy to do some of these.

Therefore, the administrators need to think of a sports facility within the premises and enjoy the following benefits.

Increase life expectancy

Stress at work contributes to almost 70 percent of most deaths. Administrators have to try their best to ensure their employees are not a statistic.

The number of hours you spend in the office doesn’t guarantee you productivity; instead, the quality of work you do is the primary determinant. The pressures in publishing houses can make an employee go sane and reduce their life span.

Sports come in handy to strike a balance between work pressures and productivity. This helps to reduce the high turnover of employees.

Minimize stress, anxiety, and depression levels           

When your employees are stressed, you are sure there is minimal work going on. A stressed employee is less productive; how then do you expect them to handle the high pressure of working in a publishing house?

When there are tight deadlines, and you have pushed your employees to the limits, one way of motivation include

  • High remuneration
  • Attractive allowances
  • Employee benefits( medical cover and insurance covers)
  • Attractive credit facilities
  • Conducive and comfortable work environment

A sports facility within the premise is an excellent place to release that stress without compromising work hours.

When it’s available after it, you are sure they can get back to their desk and push the work, rather than go out there and fail to come back due to the proximity of the sports arena to the workplace.

Enhance staff productivity

Productivity is not all about your employees being available at work on time and leaving late. What they do at that time is the primary determinant.

The physical and emotional health of a worker is essential in enhancing productivity. A physically fit employee is mentally stable and alert to run several functions. Sport is vital in improving the physical well-being of an individual.

Avail the sports equipment on site, with that you are sure someone is making good use of it to enhance their physical well-being.

You can choose to organize a team and use that as a team-building activity to reduce workplace stress or get time out away from the busy schedule.

Promotes cultural diversity

Sports are categorized with the areas of origin. The sports field is a unifying factor; it has no tribe, age, or race; it all depends on one ability to manage the rules of the game for a win. Your employees are all not the same, even in terms of their personality.

How can you bring them together for a common goal if not when playing at the sports field? It comes in handy to make them appreciate the cultural difference and respect for each of them, and that’s one good sign of a comfortable work environment. 

It makes employees active and alert.

Sports stimulate all the feel-good hormones, which instill a positive attitude towards an employee.

The healthy bodyweight that comes with engaging in physical sports helps one stay alert and active at all times since he only carries a body weight that he can manage. Heavy weight personnel is a disaster when it comes to working under pressure.

They are slow and rigid to change, especially in a pressure-like environment. The sports facility is ideal for keeping them healthy.

Also, more weight comes with lifestyle diseases; this is an employee who is ever in and out of hospital trying to manage his condition.

Maintains healthy body weight

Not all sports aid in losing weight, physically active sports does that, but for the indoor games, which include board games, it’s not the case. You need your employees physically and emotionally healthy.

In that case, it’s crucial to have a facility that also acts as a gym or a fitness center for employees who love their job and want to do some physical exercise to keep fit and also manage the assignments on their desks.

What are the sports facilities you can think of?

It’s discouraging to invest in sports equipment that the workers useless.

With a variety of sports options available for a workplace, it’s wise to consider the factors

  • Physical needs of your employees
  • The cost implications of the facilities
  • Open space for the activities
  • Needs and interests of the employees
  • The number of employees
  • The set time for the event(s)

With these factors, you get to pick your favorite parts of the equipment to meet its objectives.

It’s evident that with all these benefits, you need sports equipment within the premises as a way to capture your employees to stay more within the workplace premise for productivity.

The pressures of publishing books are not accommodative when you have dedicated, committed, and healthy employees. However, this facility keeps them in shape; it’s also essential to include other things that motivate your employees to reduce the high turnover of employees that comes with its share of challenges.

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