How to sell more books

How do you sell more books? It’s a question many authors ask themselves. Many people think the answer is to simply write a book and hope for the best. However, if you want your book to be successful, there are certain steps that must be taken before it launches.

Many authors struggle with selling their books. It’s difficult to know where to start, and how much time should be spent on promoting your book.

The following are some simple tips that will help you sell more books today!

  • Start by creating a Facebook page for your book. This can be done in minutes using the Facebook business page creator tool. You’ll want to fill out all of the information about yourself, including an author bio and what people can expect from this book. Don’t forget to include links so readers can purchase your book.
  • Amazon is usually the best option because it offers your reader options for Kindle, paperback, or audio versions of both digital and physical copies of books they buy through them!
  • Understand that people are drawn in by what they see, not what they read; make sure your book cover is eye-catching and appealing.
  • Keep your summary short and sweet; the first sentence should be enough for readers to know whether or not they’re interested in reading on.
  • Offer discounts for books at certain times during the year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) or when someone buys multiple copies of one title.

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