Cooking Activity For Publishing Companies’ Employees

Work Load in Publishing Companies
The publishing industry is facing a bit of a challenge. The growing connectivity that the world has now access to provide ease of access to hopeful authors to get their work noticed by publishing houses. This way, these publishing houses are bombarded with so many requests for book publishing, that they could create an entire library just out of unpublished works.

According to Bowker’s annual report, the number of self-published books reached the 1 million mark in 2017. That is just self-published books. What about those that go through publishing channels? You get the picture.
This puts an immense strain on publishing houses and, in particular, their employees. Overtime work. Short deadlines. Multiple book reviews.

Those are just some of the challenges the employees face. Others included the lack of opportunities to bond with the other members of the company. Imagine working for long hours without contact with your working pal. There has to be a way to get them together, and additionally, help them alleviate stress, isn’t there?

One word; cooking.

Cooking and team building
According to research done by Cornell University, one of the ways to add synergy to teams and build performance is to encourage them to eat together Studies have also shown that eating together leads to healthier lifestyles.

That is fantastic! Everyone loves to eat and there are not a lot of people who would say no to share a large slice of pizza at the workplace. Extra pepperoni, please!

In a workplace, sharing a meal allows the employees to bond, find solutions to stress, and create a better working atmosphere. By adding cooking to the equation, we can bring together employees. Moreover, such activity can prevent employees from experiencing burnout.

When you add cooking as a team task, you tend to help every member of the team to reap the following benefits:
– You can encourage teamwork
– They learn new skills, especially cooking, that are vital skills to have to life
– It inspires innovative thinking and creative growth
– You promote social interaction between employees on subjects other than work (also a stress reliever)
– It might not seem obvious but through cooking, you can connect on-site employees to remote workers in a fun way. Go, team!

But the question arises, how can you get such an activity started.
1) Well, pick a cuisine to start with It could be something simple or you can let the employees choose what cuisine they want to cook and eat (another motivation to build the team)
2) Based on employee recommendation, choose a good location to get cooking! If it is outdoor based cooking, ensure that you have the necessary tools required such as a barbeque set, a firebox for smoker, pans, bowls, and other necessary tools.
3) Try to determine the cooking experience and ability of the employees
4) Once that is done, you can get them started cooking on a specific dish or a number of dishes of their choice.

Remember, the trick is to keep it challenging, but not in the way that you would expect a show as a master chef to do so. With that, you can bring out the best in your employees, ensure that work conditions are always suitable for them and get their motivation levels high!
Happy cooking (and eating, of course!)

Smoked Food For Publishing Companies’ Celebratory Meals

The ever-changing nature of technology has led to various innovations and developments in the recent century. Publishing companies are one of the main sectors that have that technology has channeled its benefits. From traditional to advanced publishing systems, the publishing companies have managed to undertake various roles more effectively. The publishing industry is one particular field that requires knowledgeable people who are capable of delivering quality work. This can be attributed to the fact that, knowledge comes from the published materials. The education and entertainment sectors all rely on publishing services for them to function without which no action will be accomplished in such fields.

Most of the people may have not gotten a chance of knowing what really publishers do and all that is involved in this industry simply because they have not yet developed the interest of knowing. Some consider publishing as just a mere job that only requires some form of manual labor in operating the publishing instruments. However, the publishing industry serves as an example of the employment industries that have absorbed the most educated individuals who have diverse knowledge in various subjects. It is a very involving task that requires total concentration, hard work, and determination. Have you ever imagined what it takes to ensure the published materials are up to standards? Publishers do a lot from editing to publishing. Going through a whole book and ensuring that it has no errors is not an easy task.

The employees in the publishing companies need to be inspired so that they can carry out their tasks effectively. Publishing is a very demanding job that usually keeps most of its employees under pressure. For a single job to be completed, a lot of revisions must be done. They, therefore, need to be appreciated in various ways such as giving them prizes and organizing celebratory meals especially when they have accomplished a certain task. Such kind of meals injects enthusiasm and teamwork among the employees. The company management should always incorporate such wonderful activities in the working timetable of their employees. They need to book launch for them at least twice in a month perhaps in a five-star restaurant whenever the book that they have been publishing got awards. Enjoying a meal together enables them to socialize and share their memories together which help in making them comfortable by driving stress away.

Smoked dishes are one particular kind of meals that will actually leave them with sweat and unforgettable memories. Perhaps smoked recipes see the most suitable meals that publishers should always have They will leave them with a real experience of an enjoyable meal. Smoked dishes are often eaten in style and excitement due to their nature. The publishers will feel the real taste and flavor of their meals provided they are smoked. The management needs to search SeriouslySmoked online for the best smokers in such parties. To make it more appealing, they can organize their celebration in form of a grilling party where each person will get involved in smoking the meal of their choice. Preparing the meal for themselves will eventually leave a profound memory that will motivate them to work even harder. Some will even get a chance of learning how to prepare smoked dishes.

The publishing company employees deserve delicious food for the betterment of their health and as an appreciation for the great work they usually do.